By Mike Kruzman /

The Tyrone Township Planning Commission is requesting more work be done on a special land use permit request for a caregiver seeking to grow medical marijuana.

Caregiver Halim Sultani is the property owner of 9165 Faussett Road, in Tyrone Township. He was before the township planning commission at their most recent meeting, seeking a recommendation of approval to take to the township Board of Trustees. Sultani is seeking to grow medical marijuana for 6 patients, at the state maximum of 12 plants per patient in a barn on the site.

During the review, township planner Zach Michels brought forth a couple considerations for planning commissioners, including the angle at which the site’s lighting will affect, and limiting color temperature to ensure more rural-appropriate light. Michels also noted that a 6 foot fence around the property needs to be addressed, as the township ordinance only allows for 42-inches in front yards.

Sultani and his legal representation discussed a desire to just fence in the barn, which would eliminate the need to lower the height of the screening as it would no longer be in the front yard set-back. Security-wise, it was suggested that a knox box be considered that would allow the fire department to gain quick access in the case of an emergency. Planning commissioners also wanted the site cleaned up as it was said to have become an eyesore to neighbors over the years. Residents were given an opportunity to express their concerns during the review. Questions about odor, drainage, chemicals, and the effect on property values were all voiced. The barn was said to be foam insulated with no outdoor vents to mitigate smell, and the applicant was said to automate water going to the plants in a way to give them only what they need.

Chairman Rich Erickson noted that the planning commission is charged with making their recommendation based on the ordinance, and not personal feelings.

With no motion for approval being made, Commissioners present unanimously voted to table a recommendation until their list of conditions was met.