By Mike Kruzman /

A new parallel plan for a proposed housing development in Tyrone Township is closer to the builder’s desired number of lots.

The Tyrone Township Planning Commission reviewed a revised parallel plan for the proposed Lake Urban planned unit development. PUD zoning is often requested for developments that won’t normally fit density regulations under current zoning, which is the case with Lake Urban. Parallel plans show what could be built as the area is currently zoned. Municipalities can grant the density bonuses, usually within a certain percentage point range, if they feel the community is getting sufficient added benefit from the developer, as a sort of trade off. Tyrone Township can grant up to 15%.

Lake Urban applicant David McClane is seeking to build 93 units in two phases across the 158 acre area- much of which is covered by the lake and wetlands. Last month, the planning commission reviewed a parallel plan that showed only 62 lots were possible under traditional zoning. After reworking it, a new parallel plan was reviewed Tuesday, showing 77 units. With a maximum density bonus, this would get the applicant to 88 homes.

Planning Commission Chairman Dan Stickel said he is still concerned about the buildability for 3 lots that may be short of the 50-foot setback requirement on the waterfront. No action was taken at the meeting with the commission asking the applicant to look at that and a couple other issues and provide some clarity.

During public comment, a couple residents spoke their concerns. Nearby homeowners were worried about water runoff and storm drainage, along with traffic flow and sight distances on Runyan Lake Road.