Tyrone Township’s Planning Commission met Tuesday and briefly discussed some suggestions by other township officials to adjust the ordinance. Planning Commission Chairman Mark Meisel says the most common noise complaints are barking dogs, fireworks and firearms.

Meisel says one of the issues they are looking into is the Day/Night time table that defines the permitted time frame for certain types of noise, one example being fireworks. Meisel says officials want to clarify whether the time table applies to fireworks alone or all noise.

The township also wants to be better define who exactly is the authorized representative for enforcing the ordinance and the process for residents looking to appeal, should they disagree with the representative’s interpretation and application of the rules.

There are two kinds of noise that officials are interested in discussing as possibly being excluded from the ordinance; off-road vehicles, as long as they have the appropriate mufflers, and livestock and exotic animals making unamplified sound.

Finally, Meisel says another issue that frequently comes up is firearms, specifically as they’re being used for target practice. The goal is to better understand what firearm-related noise can be legally opposed, if at all.

Meisel says the Planning Commission may discuss the various items at their next meeting in January or hold a separate workshop. (DK)