Tyrone Township residents had their voices heard during a public hearing as they wait for improvements to roads in one subdivision.

The Laurel Springs subdivision consists of roughly a mile-and-a-half of roads crossing in front of 35 parcels in Tyrone Township. A public hearing for residents to voice objections and ask questions was held Tuesday night during the Board of Trustees’ regular meeting. Township Supervisor Mike Cunningham said the current road is 45 years old, and that they got this much time out of it is a testament to how well it was built in the ‘70’s.

Clerk Marcie Husted said she had a conversation with members of the Livingston County Road Commission about the project earlier in the day. She said the Road Commission wants to put down 3.5-inches of asphalt with a crown. It will be put out to bid in February, and they should know who the contractor is by mid-March. Residents expressed concerns about garbage hauling during the hearing, and it was mentioned that currently 4 different haulers service the area. A citizen petition is going around to consolidate down to one to help preserve the new road when it is constructed.

A second public hearing is scheduled for March 5th. Husted said they will have a better idea of the costs at that time, but probably won’t have the exact numbers as they need to know who is paying in advance to know how much money they will have to borrow. The early estimate on the project is $175,000. Husted said it is looking like the project will be performed and completed in August. (MK)