Officials in Tyrone Township are locking up contracts to continue fire service for residents.

The Tyrone Township Board of Trustees approved 2 of the 3 contracts with neighboring fire departments at Tuesday night’s regular meeting. The township, not having a department of their own, partners with the Hartland Deerfield Fire Authority, the City of Fenton Fire Department, and the Fenton Township Fire Department. Supervisor Mike Cunningham said that it helps response times having departments on contract from different sides of the township. The City of Fenton’s contract was up for consideration first. They cover the majority of the calls. Cunningham called the contract “very reasonable,” with no increase in cost the first year, and then 1% increases each of the following 4. The Supervisor said the last contract averaged 3% increases. He said that the 5-year plan is ideal, as that is as far out as they feel they can responsibly project their costs. Any further and they could risk fund balance deficiencies.

After unanimous approval, the Hartland Deerfield Fire Authorities was up next, with identical terms. Those terms begin with the Department that answers the call charging the township, who then in turn charges the resident for reimbursement. A base run, when the new contracts begin in spring will charge $1,419, with the year five cost being $1,476. (MK)