Tyrone Township officials have made their selection for the empty seat on the Board of Trustees.

Kurt Schulze has been a resident of Tyrone Township since 1992 and has spent the past 3 years on the Planning Commission. The Board of Trustees appointed him to fill and finish former-Trustee Al Pool’s seat, following interviews at Tuesday night’s meeting. Schulze said his time on the Planning Commission has helped prepare him for this. He said he’d like to see them being able to help people, and that he’s learned that, as a government, they aren’t there to prevent people from doing things, but to show them the right way to do things. Even in situations where people have done things without approvals, Schulze says, they on the Planning Commission have helped them with getting back into compliance.

During his interview, Schulze said he wanted to support the master plan and perpetuate the rural character of the township. When asked about what he sees the most pressing matter in the township to be, he said the development and management of commercial development in the area. While many people might not want things to change, he said they also need to understand there is a benefit to bringing commercial business to Tyrone.

He also wants to work on regulations for the growing number of home occupations. Schulze said that people working from home is fine in most circumstances, but there are things that also shouldn’t be done within 20 feet of another’s house. Signage and traffic need to be considered. Township Supervisor Mike Cunningham said he was pleased with the pool of candidates and believes that Schulze will do a great job.

He received unanimous 4-0 approval following Clerk Marci Husted’s nomination. Trustees David Walker and Soren Pederson were absent. (MK)