Tyrone Township officials gathered together and discussed possible zoning amendments to a trio of ordinances.

The Board of Trustees and Planning Commission held their annual joint session meeting at the town hall, Tuesday night. There they discussed 3 zoning amendments that have recently been reviewed by the county planning commission.
With regards to recreational marijuana facilities, the township has already opted out on the regulatory level, prohibiting them. Tuesday, they discussed a zoning ordinance, whereas if the township ever does decide to allow the facilities, then the framework for the allowed locations of facilities would be already in place.
Another proposed amendment deals with potential solar farms in the township.

Supervisor Mike Cunningham said they’ve been approached a few times by companies showing interest in a solar farm, but there’s a shortage of clarity on size and locations allowed. After considering a couple options, the planning commission opted to create a new section that treats solar farms as a special land use. Meisel said this is more for companies that are going to produce enough energy to sell the energy back, and not necessarily for normal residents.

Thirdly, in the land division ordinance, the planning commission is adding a definition for ‘submerged land’ for added clarity. It will ensure that land under water in an inland lake can’t be used for lot area measurement. Meisel said that if an owner wants a land division, it has to be on land, and not land under water.

These amendments will now go to the Board of Trustees for approval at a future meeting. (MK)