Two people were injured Tuesday after being stabbed at a Brighton laundromat.

Brighton Police say that at approximately 12:25pm, officers were dispatched to a call at the Country Fresh laundromat near W. Grand River and Cross St.  The initial dispatch indicated a white female in her 30s was stabbing customers. According to a release, while officers were responding to the scene, Central Dispatch advised that the female was stabbing herself. Officers arrived on scene within minutes of the call and located the suspect who was holding a large knife against her stomach. Officers were able to take the suspect into custody without injury.

Initial investigation found that the suspect stabbed two people at the scene and attempted to stab a third. One victim was treated at the scene, the other victim is seeking treatment at a hospital.  The suspect was transported to the hospital. Charges will be sent to the Livingston County Prosecutor’s office.

Brighton Police Chief Rob Bradford said his officers “did a heroic job in de-escalating a tense situation.” Linda Morin works at a store across the street in the plaza. She says they heard loud screaming and they thought someone had a gun initially so they locked the door and kind of hid because people were running around. Morin says there was a lot of commotion and it was very scary because they could hear someone yelling “put it down” and it later looked like the woman was stabbing herself in the stomach. She says when police arrived they blocked everything off and took the suspect into custody pretty quickly.

Special thanks were offered to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, Green Oak Township Police and the Michigan State Police who also assisted with the call. (JK/JM)