The City of Fenton is looking to insert a charter amendment and a road millage proposal onto the November ballot.

A discussion was held Monday night among Fenton City Council regarding the current procedure for approving certain millages. The current city charter has a three-year limitation for the approval of special millages. City Council is looking to put on the ballot a proposal to change that three year limitation to ten years. In addition to modifying the city charter, a proposal for a road millage was also discussed. City Council discussed the possibility of a ten year road millage for the November elections.

If the charter does allow for a ten year limitation for a road millage, that could lead to the city getting 5 mills for 10 years which would come to slightly over $1.5 million. The road millage would go towards projects to repair the city streets.

City Council approved the ballot proposal for the charter amendment and road millage. By next week the ballot language will be submitted for November’s ballot. (DF)