By Jon King /

There have been two additional COVID-19-related deaths of Livingston County residents, bringing the total to 35. Four of those deaths have occurred in October.

According to details provided by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, there have been 34 confirmed COVID deaths and one probable death since March. No additional details are available on the two latest fatalities. The deaths come as both local and state health officials warn of a dramatic rise in the coronavirus caseload. In Livingston County, there have been 2,205 confirmed and probable cases of the virus this year, which has more than doubled since late August. More than 500 of the cases have occurred in the previous 30 days as of Monday and represent more than 26% of all cases since the pandemic began.

According to the Livingston County Health Department, at least 148 Livingston County residents have been hospitalized while more than 1,347 have recovered. Across Michigan, there have been 171,220 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 7,298 deaths.