Plans for a proposed housing development in Hamburg Township are being returned to the municipality’s Planning Commission, as officials hope for a compromise with developers in regards to the project’s density.

Developers for the proposed Waters Edge Village project first submitted plans to construct 154 single family homes on a 93-acre lot off of Winans Lake Road. After the density of the development was met with disapproval by both residents and the township’s Planning Commission, project planners revised their site plans to reduce the number of homes in the Open Space Planned Unit (PUD) development to 144. Planners also brought forward a parallel plan that, without the PUD, would restrict the number of homes to 77, though developers have said they aren’t too keen on that option.

Planning commissioners still felt that 144 homes was too high and sent the project’s preliminary site plan to the township’s Board of Trustees with a recommendation to deny it. The Board discussed the plan at a meeting Tuesday, with a look at various options for the Open Space PUD. The major concern, from both residents and board members, was again density. Township Supervisor Pat Hohl felt there could be negotiating on the density, despite a representative stating that developers are firm on the reduced lot count.

The Board voted to send the site plan back to the Planning Commission for further discussion and hopefully, a compromise. Residents have spoken out against the project, citing concerns that include the number of homes, compatibility and traffic.

Hohl told community members attending the board meeting that officials do value their input, adding "We're not trying to screw you guys over." But he also indicated there is a need for more housing in the area. Hohl says the township already has a lot of residents and the number is continuing to increase. He feels without some kind of development, there could be a housing crisis “in the next 10 to 12 years”. (DK)