By Jon King /

A man charged with a double homicide in South Lyon will head to trial later this year

21-year-old Fadi Jesus Zeineh of Ann Arbor was charged with ten felony charges including homicide, assault with intent to murder, and armed robbery after police say he entered a home on East Liberty Street on December 30th of 2020 and shot 17-year-old Dylan Stamper, killing him. He also shot Stamper’s 43-year-old father, Kevin, who later died at the hospital.

Authorities say the shootings were the result of a marijuana deal that went wrong. On Monday, an Oakland County Circuit Court judge set an August 25th trial date for Zeineh.

Also charged in connection with the murders is 28-year-old Anthony Porter, who faces three counts of armed robbery and three felony firearms charges. Porter, who police say remained in the vehicle the night of the shootings, has been described as a cooperative witness by prosecutors.

Porter will also stand trial on August 25th. While Zeineh remains jailed without bond, Porter was granted bond back in March after prosecutors said they have a witness who will confirm that they sold a gun to Zeineh, but that Porter was unaware Zeineh had a firearm the night of the shootings.