DTE Energy will have tree trimming crews out around Genoa Township as part of regular maintenance to maintain healthy trees but also ensure safe, reliable power.

DTE Energy says two-thirds of the time customers spend without power is due to trees, thus tree trimming is a common sense solution to prevent outages from happening in the first place. Crews will be in various areas throughout Genoa Township tree trimming and, if necessary, removing trees that are growing too close to power lines. If a tree poses a serious hazard to power lines or if trimming will put the tree's health at risk, DTE may need to remove it but says crews will make every effort to work with property owners before removing any trees.

Genoa Township Supervisor Bill Rogers tells WHMI the trimming is a practical, prudent process to protect everybody. He says it can sometimes be a sensitive subject because not everyone wants things trimmed or taken down but the reality is that it’s a major safety issue – not only for trees that end up in the road but knocking out power on a regular basis.

DTE advises that if tree work is needed on someone’s property, a representative will knock on the door. If no one is home, they’ll leave a “tree work scheduled” door card. More information on the tree trimming program as well as a map showing the areas in Genoa Township where DTE will be trimming trees is available through the link and attachment. Facebook photo. (JM)