Preparation work will be underway soon for a non-motorized pathway in Green Oak Township.

At a meeting of the township’s Board of Trustees Wednesday, Supervisor Mark St. Charles provided an update on the project, which will create a non-motorized trail on the south side of M-36 from Whitmore Lake Road to the west line of the township and along the east side of Lemen Road from Eight Mile Road to M-36. St. Charles says tree clearing for the project will begin October 1st and the hope is to have construction complete by next September.

St. Charles tells WHMI he has been working on bringing the project to fruition for the last ten or so years, adding that there have been complications every step of the way. Among them were negotiations with several property owners, and that the original bidder on the contract was not able to meet certain requirements, which St. Charles says essentially caused them to lose any progress this construction season. Another complication involved reworking the route after a change in wardens at the Woodland Center Correctional Facility. Reworking the route then led to dealing with wetland mitigation, and receiving easement and plan approvals all over again.

St. Charles says he will be “so glad” once the pavement is done and the trail is usable, but does note that township officials are already taking the next part of the project into consideration. He says they are discussing how the next link of the trail will go from M-36 up to Silver Lake Road, and that officials are currently working that out. (DK)