By Mike Kruzman /

Livingston County residents are encouraged to make sure their information with employers and financial institutions is correct as we are set to enter income tax season.

The state Treasury Department is asking taxpayers to check with current and previous employers and financial institutions to ensure they have up-to-date addresses on file. Incorrect addresses typically lead to information being mailed to the wrong location and have been known to cause delays when filing tax returns.

The Treasury is also asking local residents to be aware of other notable items for the upcoming tax season. Beginning in January, forms and instructions can be viewed and downloaded from Commonly used forms will continue to be available at Treasury offices and libraries. Taxpayers are still encouraged to file electronically rather than mailing in paper returns. Additionally, they may use direct debit when e-filing returns, to allow the Treasury Department to electronically withdraw tax payments from a bank account. Individuals eligible for unemployment tax treatment due to the American Rescue Plan Act but haven’t yet adjusted their 2020 state individual tax returns are encouraged to file those amended returns as soon as possible, as that could reduce the amount of tax owed or provide a refund. This upcoming tax season is also the last year to claim a refund for the 2017 tax year.