An upcoming town hall will offer information and answer community members’ questions about changes to Michigan’s auto insurance law.

The town hall will be held this Wednesday, January 8th, at Willowbrook Rehabilitation Services on Challis Road in Brighton. It is sponsored by The Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault, or CPAN, a coalition of 15 major medical groups and 11 consumer groups that had fought to preserve Michigan’s one-of-a-kind no-fault auto insurance system. Legislation passed last year removed the requirement for mandatory unlimited Personal Injury Protection coverage, which CPAN had argued was the best way to fully protect those severely injured in vehicle crashes. The law’s supporters said the requirement unnecessarily kept insurance premiums in Michigan the highest in the nation.

CPAN says Wednesday’s event aims to help citizens better understand the new law, which will fully go into effect July 1st. Topics will include new options for coverage; anticipated cost savings for policy holders, which CPAN has expressed doubts will occur as anticipated; and the impact of the law on residents and others. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from a panel of experts, ask questions and find additional resources.

Panel experts will include Psychiatrist Dr. David Beltzman, CPAN associate general counsel Steve Sinas, and auto accident victims and family members. The town hall will take place from 6 to 8pm. (DK/JK)