With kids out of school for at least the next two weeks, many of those who utilize the reduced lunch program may find themselves in a situation in which they could potentially go without a breakfast or lunch.

Torch 180 founders Rhonda Callahan and Sarah Ruddle were set to open up their café and food-service training facility in the former Fowlerville Library building when the governor ordered all food establishment to close for dine-in customers. But as an organization that began with the idea of making sure the most vulnerable in the community always had a meal, organizers quickly made the decision that they would use their newly remodeled facility and their food truck to provide meals and make deliveries for those in need. They are providing free grab and go lunches each day from 10am to noon outside their building on Mill Street.

Callahan and Ruddle say food can be picked up just once a week, as the goal is to have a freshly prepared meal waiting for people with supplemental food to help with missed lunches the rest of the week. For those who have no way to get to them, Callahan and Ruddle say they’ll bring the food to them. Details are available on their website; Torch180.org. They are also asking the community at large to step up and help out by donating money to help defray their expenses. That can also be done on their website.