By Mike Kruzman /

A special graduation is being held for three shelter dogs and the veterans they’ve been partnered with for mutual support.

Blue Star Service Dogs is holding their Spring Graduation this Wednesday by invitation only at their Training Center in Pinckney. Blue Star rescues shelter dogs, trains them in prison-housed dog training programs, pairs them with veterans suffering from invisible wounds, and then continues their training to help them become service dogs. Blue Star refers to this as “Rescuing One to Heal Another.”

At the ceremony, the veterans will be recognized for the efforts they have placed in the completion of the training process of their service dog. There will be reflection on the journey and /or training of the dog- appreciating the positive changes that have been made towards health, mental wellness, and community independence.

The three dogs are also being recognized. Liam is a Portuguese Water Dog who was rescued by his veteran as a puppy and helped his team get through significant events over the past couple years. . Athena is a Rottweiler who helped her veteran get to a healthy place in his life and now accompanies him to work at his VFW post. And Storm is a Black Lab/Shepherd mix who was relocated from Texas following a hurricane and was paired with her veteran in February of 2019.

For more information Blue Star’s efforts, visit their website,