Donations for the therapy dog program in the Brighton Area Schools continue at a fast pace…Over $60,000 has been donated over the last several years toward the therapy dog program in the Brighton Area Schools. The latest gift - $2,000 – is from the Forcier family and was accepted by the Board of Education at its meeting last week.

Karen Storey, a Brighton special ed teacher and the founder of the program, reports that the training program for the most recent dogs to be purchased: Shadow, Ford, and Buckley, is ahead of schedule, and they will be starting at their respective schools around Thanksgiving.

When all the dogs are trained and assigned sometime in the coming year, the Brighton Area Schools will be the first district in the state to own a therapy dog at every school. Each dog costs $8,000 to purchase and train, with the training taking up to 14 months to complete. In addition, the dogs incur expenses for regular vet care. Although all of the therapy dogs have been purchased, Storey says they are seeking donations for veterinary services for a few of the dogs.

Donations may be sent to Karen Storey at Maltby Intermediate School, 4740 Bauer Road, Brighton, MI 48116, or e-mail her for more information at