A ceremony Friday welcomed returning legislators and Livingston County’s newest lawmaker to office.

Joan Louise Larsen, a Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, had the duty of swearing in three local officials at the ceremony, which was held at the John E. LaBelle Public Safety Complex in Howell Township.

The first to be sworn in and take the oath was Hank Vaupel. This is his third and final term as the 47th District state representative. Vaupel promised those in attendance that he will work as hard as he can to represent constituents in a “good, ethical, honest and hardworking manner”.

Ann Bollin was next to be sworn in, taking her oath as state representative for the 42nd District. Bollin is succeeding Theis as the 42nd district’s state representative, following Theis’ election to the state senate. Both women have served on Brighton Township’s Board of Trustees; Theis serving as Treasurer before being elected as state representative in 2014, and Bollin as Clerk.

Bollin, who says she is humbled by the opportunity to serve the district, said it’s been a year of sadness, triumph and joy. She says she had to pinch herself when visiting the People's Office in Lansing. Bollin says "it's hard to describe", but shared the experience of sitting in the office on the 8th floor, looking at the Capitol building at sunset, and being in complete awe. She says it's been a year of sadness, triumph and joy.

Lana Theis, who was elected in November as state senator for the 22nd district., was the last to be sworn in. After thanking her friends, family and supporters, she told the crowd she is looking forward to the opportunity to serve. Theis then spoke to the role lawmakers have saying, “…the term ‘elected’ is nice, but public servant is really what it’s all about”. (DK/JK)