A local lawmaker has testified on behalf of setting consent requirements for invasive medical procedures in minors.

State Representative Lana Theis of Brighton submitted testimony Tuesday to the Michigan House Law and Justice Committee on the need to prohibit procedures involving pelvic area penetration of minors without meeting certain conditions. Theis’ bill is part of a bipartisan, 17-bill reform plan following the aftermath of the recent Larry Nassar scandal.

The new legislation, if passed, requires 3 conditions to be met before such a procedure on a minor is allowed to continue. The first is that the medical treatment must be within the professional’s scope of practice. Secondly, it requires that another health care professional is in the room during the procedure. Thirdly, written consent on a standardized form by a person legally allowed to give it, such as the child’s parent, must be obtained. This bill does allow for exceptions such as medical emergencies or services relating to the minor’s gynecological or reproductive health.

Theis said in a statement that while most doctors have the best intentions in treating their patients, that which happened with Nassar must never occur again. House Bill 5793 has been assigned to the House Law and Justice Committee. (MK)