By Jessica Mathews /

Exterior building renovations and site improvements are taking place at a former furniture store in Genoa Township.

The Genoa Township Board met Monday night and approved an environmental impact assessment for Partlund Development for the old Tenpennny Furniture building at 2700 East Grand River, east of Chilson Road. The building is being renovated for commercial use and will ultimately be filled with multi-tenants. The project was granted a land use permit for building renovations last year. There were said to be some holdups as developers had to get a road easement from the state. The proposed improvements include a new deck area along the back of the building and reconfiguring the parking area, which has limited parking in front.

Supervisor Bill Rogers says they’ve been working on the project for a few years but things are now getting back on track and work will also be done on the back side of the building. He tells WHMI everyone has been seriously affected by COVID-19 and trying to adjust to different rules but the developers have now got back to making progress on the front and back portions of the building, which actually quite a bit of space. Rogers says work on the back half involves reconfiguring the parking lot to make things easier. He stated that while it’s unclear what exactly all will be going in at the building, it is much improved.

The Planning Commission earlier approved the environmental impact assessment and recommended approval.