One of the three teens charged with threatening to shoot up a local high school has been sentenced…again.

18-year-old Kody Brewer was ordered last week to wear an electronic tether for 90 days after again violating the terms of his probation. His sentencing was delayed while he completed boot camp. Brewer was initially sentenced to five years’ probation last year for the October 2015 incident in which police discovered messages online by Brewer and two other boys, 20-year-old Ryan Stevens and 17-year-old Lamarr Dukes, in which they discussed bringing guns to Linden High School. They had originally faced charges of attempted false report of terrorism, a five-year felony, but those were later reduced following plea agreements.

The first time Brewer violated probation was in June 2017 when he was out on bond and living with his parents. He created a social media account and carried a cell phone against court orders. The second violation occurred last December when he refused to allow a probation officer to enter his residence. Brewer’s probation requirements include not owning a computer, not creating social media accounts, not violating the law, monthly reporting, drug testing and more. He will also not be allowed to leave his house during the 90-day tether period.

Dukes was ordered to take part in a year-long rehabilitation program in Pennsylvania in September 2016, while Stevens, who had already served a year in jail, was sentenced in December of 2016 to five years’ probation. (JK)