In the midst of tax season, Consumers Energy is spreading the word about a tax credit that some residents may be eligible to file for.

This year’s historically cold winter has led to higher heating bills and Consumers is reminding the community about a credit that could help with energy costs. Spokeswoman Debra Dodd says many are unaware of the Michigan Home Heating Credit, which can be used for all types of primary heating fuels, including natural gas, electricity, propane, oil and purchased firewood.

Eligibility for the credit is contingent on a taxpayer’s income and household size, but is the only heating assistance that does not require applicants to fall behind on paying their energy bill. Customers can also submit their application beyond tax season, as it has a September 30th deadline. Dodd reports the average home credit in 2016 was $171 and applicants don’t have to file traditional income taxes to be eligible.

She tells WHMI Consumers also supports free tax preparation services through Michigan 2-1-1 and the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan. Available services in the community can be found by visiting

Dodd says Consumers can also refer customers to other programs or organizations that offer assistance not just in energy bills, but for a variety of needs. More information about the Home Heating Credit can be found at the link below. (DK)