Jessica Mathews /

Residents in part of Washtenaw County near Chelsea are being advised to not drink the water following a security breach at the water treatment plant.

The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office says Sylvan Township officials discovered a security breach of the water treatment plant on Monday morning, July 8th.

Damage was done to the interior of the plant including tampering of the controls system. The Office said there is evidence of other attempts to damage local infrastructure.

Township officials are working with local law enforcement and state officials to investigate.

The Office said there was no visual evidence the water was contaminated, but testing needs to be done to confirm. Until the safety of the drinking water can be ensured, residents are advised not to drink the water. The use of alternative water such as bottled water for drinking and cooking is recommended.

Anyone who notices any change in the quality of their water is asked to promptly notify township water officials at 734 475-8890 ext. 112. Anyone who noticed any suspicious activity related to tampering with public infrastructure in the community is asked to contact local law enforcement at 810-227-1051.