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Favorable test results have come back following a security breach at the Sylvan Township Water Treatment Plant – and a suspect has been arrested.

Township Supervisor Kathleen Kennedy said there was good news in that water testing came back clean. She said they were also able to get expedited shipping for new chemicals to the plant, as the current barrels could not be used since they may be compromised.

Furthermore, EGLE requested the water be purged from the water tower since they cannot be certain it was not compromised. Kennedy said they’re hopeful that by Wednesday afternoon, EGLE will give the all-clear and they can return to normal routines. Once that happens, the Washtenaw County Emergency staff said they will send out a public notice again and it will also be hand-delivered to those affected.

Sylvan Township officials discovered a security breach of the water treatment plant on Monday morning. The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office said damage was done to the interior of the plant including tampering of the controls system. There was also evidence of other attempts to damage local infrastructure. There was no evidence the water was contaminated, but testing needed to be done to confirm and residents were advised to not drink the water.

The City of Chelsea borders Sylvan Township, which posted an alert for residents and community members on social media that the Chelsea City Water Plant is a separate facility and not impacted.

Cases of bottled water are available at the Sylvan Township Hall for those affected. Further updates can be found on the Sylvan Township website. That link is provided.

Meanwhile, Michigan State Police reported that troopers from the Brighton Post were dispatched to the treatment plant after employees reported that the building had been broken into Monday morning. As a trooper was taking the report, the suspect, a 33-year-old Belleville man was observed coming out of the building - where he was arrested. Police said the investigation showed that it appeared the suspect gained entry onto the property by cutting through a barbed wire fence. Upon entering the building, police said he spray-painted the windows in what appeared to be an attempt to not be seen in the building. He also created a makeshift bed from items in the building.

The suspect was lodged in the Washtenaw County Jail on numerous charges.