Two men were arrested over the weekend after an assault that stemmed from a musical dispute.

South Lyon Police say one of their officers was on patrol just after 7:30 Saturday night when he pulled into the Wendy’s parking lot on S. Lafayette and noticed a man who appeared to be upset. The 30-year-old homeless man, whose elbows and forehead were scraped and bleeding, said he had been eating his meal when two men approached and attacked him. He told the officer that one of the men was angry over something he had posted on Facebook about the man's girlfriend.

Witnesses pointed out a man in a red t-shirt as one of the assailants, who then began to walk away and refused to stop when ordered by the officer. The 24-year old South Lyon man was apprehended by a second officer in a nearby parking lot. The other suspect, a 22-year-old South Lyon man, was arrested a short time later. They told police that the dispute began when the victim argued with them several days before over musical tastes. They claimed that when they saw him at the restaurant they approached him and that the victim punched one of them first. One witness, an 85 year old woman was also eating at the restaurant, disputed that and said the two suspects began the fight.

The 22-year old suspect was cited for fighting in public and held on five outstanding warrants, while the 24-year old suspect was cited for fighting in public and resisting/obstructing police. The victim initially indicated he didn't want to prosecute the two men, but changed his mind after seeking medical treatment. (JK)