By Mike Kruzman /

A new survey will help Northfield Township officials as they prepare to update their Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

With the old plan expiring, the township has begun the early stages of developing the new plan which will help guide the development and improvements to Northfield’s parks and recreation system through 2025. There is a February 1st deadline for a current master plan to be in place should the township wish to pursue grant opportunities with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in 2021.

Northfield Township officials are asking residents to take part in a new survey they have set up and provide feedback on experiences and opinions of parks and recreation facilities, programs, and services offered by the township. There is also an opportunity comment on any improvements or new initiatives they might like to see.

The survey may be taken online or by a hard copy, and be completed by December 7th. It contains 7 questions and a spot for comments, and should only take around 10 minutes to finish. It’s confidential, but your name and address must be entered for it count.

Find the survey online at or through the link bellow.