A local author and expert on infertility is fighting for couples struggling with the issue and encouraging them to stay positive.

Sue Johnston calls herself “The Infertility Advocate.” Author of 2017’s #1 book on Amazon for infertility support, Johnston also spent time in the nation’s capital lobbying Congress and fighting for more affordable fertility care. Disappointed by Michigan’s “D” rating for fertility support, she’s kicked her efforts in high gear, helping the 1 in 8 couples infertility affects. In June she started a support group that has grown from just 1 member to 9. Johnston has also been named mentor for the Midwestern states by Resolve, The National Fertility Association. Through that, she gets to travel around helping people in several states get the support they need and launch their own peer-led support groups.

Johnston said after her book, Detours: Unexpected Journeys of Hope Conceived from Infertility was published, she was reached out to on her website by Olympic silver medal figure skater Nancy Kerrigan. She has since been in contact with Kerrigan’s husband who said the couple would be interested in contributing to a new or updated version of the book. Kerrigan suffered 6 miscarriages before giving birth to her 3 children through in-vitro fertilization. Johnston said she is now looking for other people who have suffered from recurring miscarriages so she can compile a focus book.

Johnston calls infertility a delicate topic which is kept private and protected in people’s hearts, even though they may need help. Often those who need support emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually, she says, don’t know how to ask for it or get it. Johnston will be the guest and shares more on this coming up on WHMI’s Viewpoint program, Sunday morning at 8:30am. Learn more about her and her efforts in the community through the link below. Photo- Instagram (MK)