Community members are invited to an upcoming presentation that will feature frank discussion about facing addiction.

StraightTALK, of WAI-IAM, Inc., will visit Livingston County on Thursday, May 9th, at the Hartland High School Auditorium. StraightTALK is a presentation about a mother and son from the Lansing area that will take attendees into the world of a mother raising a child that becomes a heroin addict and alcoholic - and expose guests to the events that lead to the co-dependency and agony the family faced during the years of addiction.

The story will be told from the viewpoint of both Corey Warren and his mother Jacque Liebner, who will also discuss what tools they used to find health and peace. StraighTALK will also incorporate live music from a band of individuals in recovery, a short film made by Warren himself, and a dance that will visually depict how people in recovery can reach out and rescue individuals who have become lost in the world of addiction. Event organizers say the true-life story, through this StraightTALK presentation, will help the audience better understand addiction and recovery.

The event will be held from 6 to 8pm, and is free and open to the public. You’ll find details in the WHMI events section and a link to register below.