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With kids out of school and homebound for the time being, a Brighton teacher is helping parents find resources for keeping their student’s minds sharp.

Karen Storey is a teacher at Maltby Intermediate School. She said she and other teachers have been fielding emails from parents trying to help out, but needing help in making the learning fun.

Story says one great resource to check out is Scholastic’s website. They currently have up 20 days of free interactive, day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing. There are lessons for students ranging from pre-kindergarten to 9th grade, with 3 hours of learning every day. While they may be tempted to play a lot of online games in this time, Storey says kids can also use technology in a way that’s productive. Parents may find valuable resources online at the Kahn Academy where kids can get lessons in a similarly interactive environment. There are also virtual field trips and free digital online books. Kids can keep their math skills sharp at

Storey also encourages parents to take this time to make some memories with their kids. She said simple things like reading a book with them or playing a board game can create positive memories that will be with them for a lifetime. And tune in to WHMI’s Viewpoint this Sunday at 8:30am to hear more from Storey, who is the special guest.

Here are link for parents, with thanks to Karen Storey - WHMI's Making The Grade Winner and Chris Darkowski - Brighton Area Schools Literacy Coach

Maker's Stations Home Pack STEAM Packs

The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration and their wonderful content providers have come together to provide core curriculum every day of the week for homebound students in grades K-6th. Beginning March 23rd they will offer, free of charge, interactive, live-streamed programs from 9:30am to 3:30pm Eastern time. The programs are delivered by highly professional content providers.

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