Jessica Mathews /

A fundraiser is planned this weekend to benefit the family of a longtime local firefighter who has been fighting pancreatic cancer but was recently given just months to live.

A fundraiser featuring a silent auction and 50/50 raffle is set from 4 to 10pm Saturday at the Howell Elks Lodge to raise money for Howell Area Fire Lieutenant Steve Moor. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August of 2021 and he fought for months through chemo, radiation and surgery – from which he nearly lost his life due to excessive blood loss and other complications.

In August of this year, Moor was hoping to declare his cancer was in full remission but his lab results came back abnormal. Friends and family say the labs turned into imaging and imaging found that his cancer had returned on the peritoneal wall - a terminal cancer.

Moor has been given 2-6 months to live. Organizers say the money raised during this Saturday’s fundraiser will help the family to spend extra time with him before he passes.

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe account has also been set up to assist the family that is accompanied by the following message:

“Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this event! Some of you may know, most of you may not but our local firefighter, husband, father, grandpa Lieutenant Steve Moor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year, he went through a lot of treatments and a difficult surgery where he lost more than what was anticipated, he pulled through though! It has been an emotional struggle, physical battle to get him feeling better and back on his feet to go back to doing what he loves which is being a firefighter, riding his motorcycle, and being an amazing man to his family and friends. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when his daughter (one of my best friends) came into work and informed us that his lab work came back abnormal and needed a CT to look deeper, CT came and went and the results are devastating, his cancer has returned and is now in his peritoneal cavity, the doctors told him he had 2-9 months but he has gone downhill fast and has been put into hospice, the doctors say it’s only days now. I along with a few other friends are putting together a silent auction and 50/50 raffle to help his wife and daughter when he passes so that they can have time to grieve without having to worry about work and bills. ALL the money will go right to them, Thank you so much for being here for this wonderful family and giving them the opportunity to get through this terrible time. ❤️”

A link to the GoFundMe page is provided.