Greg Coburn /

An active shooter training exercise went on Thursday in Brighton.

Deputy Chief Tracy Chamberlain of the Green Oak Fire Department explained the event. He said that they were running active violence incidents scenario-based training for all Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS in Livingston County.

Chamberlain said that they also have dispatch involved and emergency management. The purpose of the event is to train all the organizations to work together in case there is ever an active shooter incident in the county. Chamberlain then said that they had a county-wide Standard Operating Guideline (SOG) that all the agencies have approved, which puts them on the same page so they can all work together.

Chamberlain says that they have been working on planning this event for about six months. They are doing two sessions today in which they do a repeat of the first session. Then on October 18th, they will do two more sessions which is a repeat of today’s event. That’s in an effort to make sure they can get as many first responders through the training as possible.

DART was also at the training which stands for the Disaster Assistance Response Team. They’re a volunteer organization that is funded through donations. Many first responders donate to their organization. DART helps to support the first responders on long-term incidents with hydration and food. DART will also be at the event on the 18th.