By Jessica Mathews /

Saint Joseph Catholic School in Howell recently celebrated the school’s 80th Anniversary and students were said to be up for the challenge.

As part of last week’s anniversary celebration, students took part in activities such as 80 reasons to love the school, dress-up as an 80-year-old and 80 minutes of community service. Teachers tied in classroom instruction to include 80 as part of lessons. On the actual date of the anniversary, September 9th, the decision was made to invite any and all students from their 80-year history to a celebration mass. Officials said it was amazing to see students from across the years and one family had three generations of students in attendance. Future anniversaries are already said to be on the minds of volunteers, who are currently working through the archives. Some of the school’s founding families also have streets or buildings named after them.

A press release states the school has seen a number of changes over the years, including substantial growth and development and strong connections with the church and community. The school has also been hit hard with reductions related to economic shifts over the history but officials said whether the school has full capacity or limited capacity, it’s clear the children love their school.