By Mike Kruzman /

Medicare enrollment season is underway and seniors may be able to take advantage of a new plan offered, in part, by the St. Joseph Mercy Health System.

The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period is open from now until December 7th. Those choosing or considering changing their plans can consider the new U-M Health St. Joes Advantage Plan.

Plan Representative Tonya Sundermann says it’s an all-in-option available to those eligible in Livingston and Washtenaw counties. The U-M Health St. Joe’s Advantage Plan will give members access to a wide network of hospitals and providers. This includes all Michigan Medicine providers, hospitals, and ambulatory facilities, as well as IHA and HVPA primary and specialty care providers within the St. Joseph Mercy Health System. Being an all-in-one option, the advantage plan also offers dental, vision, hearing, gym, and transportation services.

Sundermann says that enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan like theirs means allowing a private insurance company to administer your Medicare for you. It also means they are required to follow all the government rules and regulations, like Medicare. With thousands of plans available, Sundermann says it is easy to get overwhelmed in the options, especially with increased mailings, commercials, and phone calls coming in this time of year. She warns residents that if you are getting flooded with calls and offers and weren’t the one to initiate contact, be leery, be careful, and don’t give out personal information or your Medicare number. Medicare and Medicare advantage plan providers are not allowed to reach out to people without their specific information.

Sundermann said that when looking at plans, consider services that the policyholder regularly uses; deductible, co-pay, and monthly costs; and make sure it includes their doctor and preferred hospital.

Sundermann says that they have several seminars and webinars set up to help people during the enrollment period, and are accommodating requests for one-on-one consultations. For more information visit or call (833)245-7098.

Sunderman will also be a guest this Sunday morning on WHMI's Viewpoint program at 8:30.