By Mike Kruzman /

A trio of Livingston County specialty courts is getting special grant money from the state.

The Michigan Supreme Court on Friday announced that the State Court Administrative Office has awarded roughly $16.7-million in grants for Fiscal Year 2022 to problem-solving courts statewide. Locally that includes Livingston County’s Adult Drug Court, Intensive Treatment Mental Health Court, and Veterans Treatment Court.

The 2020 Annual Problem Solving Courts Report had several key findings and benefits of such courts. It found that graduates of adult court programs are nearly two times less likely to be convicted of a new offense within 3 years of admission to the program and graduates have a drop in unemployment of 96 percent. Mental health court graduates see an average of 97 percent improvement in their mental health status and are two to three times less likely to commit another crime within 3 years.

Michigan Supreme Justice Elizabeth Clement said, in a release, that year after year problem-solving courts save lives and that important work didn’t stop during the pandemic. She said they are grateful to the legislature and governor for investing in these courts and the professionals who help them be so successful at reducing recidivism and making neighborhoods safer.