By Mike Kruzman /

South Lyon officials have approved the purchase of new equipment that will help them better perform needed utilities work.

Doug Varney, Director of Utilities and Public Works, was before City Council at their latest meeting, asking for the purchase of an easement machine to be used for cleaning the sewers. In his memo to Council, Varney writes that the proposed machine from Trail Beast will increase accessibility to sections of the sanitary sewer that the sewer truck can’t reach.

Councilwoman Maggie Kurtzweil asked how long the machine’s reach will extend and if it will be enough. Varney said it has a 500-foot hose and 600-foot reel capacity. On top of the vactor that can extend another 300-feet, Varney said anywhere they need to reach with this 800-foot line can be reached “no problem.”

Varney said this machine would be primarily for cleaning, though it would come with a bit for cutting, if needed. Councilman Glenn Kivell asked about the environment it would be tracking over- concerned about potential damage to lawns. Varney said this model has tank treads and wouldn’t be used in conditions or under situations where it might cause lawn damage.

City Council unanimously approved the purchase for a cost of $45,000.

(Photo: Trail Beast, South Lyon City Council 2/14/22 Agenda Packet)