By Mike Kruzman /

A sewer investigation study has been approved to continue with repairs authorized for priority areas in South Lyon.

According to a memo from South Lyon Director of Utilities and DPW Doug Varney, the City has begun a multi-year plan to inspect its infrastructure. The City has split the sewer evaluation study into four phases and quadrants, with the first three having been completed. Varney was before City Council at their latest meeting seeking approval of a contract to be awarded for the inspection of the final quadrant, the south-east quadrant.

On top of that, Varney said they have identified and prioritized areas from the first two phases of the study that need the most help, and are ready to go forward with those repairs.

Varney provided a list of the 14 sewer repair projects to be completed this fiscal year. Those projects will take place on Walnut Street, Donovan Street, Mill Street, Norchester Street, Abel Street, and Lyon Boulevard.

The combined cost of those cured-in-place-pipe, or CIPP repairs, along with the initiation of phase 4 of the study comes to just under $47,833.71. City Council unanimously voted in favor of authorizing the projects.