Focus groups have been created as the next part of a process to educate voters ahead of a bond issue in South Lyon Schools.

A proposed $97.8 (m) bond issue will appear on the May 5th ballot. Staff previously performed an audit of facilities as well as a building utilization study, which determined building infrastructure in need of upgrades. If the bond passes, a number of improvements are planned throughout the district. The next step in the process is community engagement and focus groups have now been put together to provide input from parents, staff and students. Outgoing Superintendent Melissa Baker says they have finalized focus groups, which are invited participants from various stakeholder groups. There are 10 focus groups total and the meetings will take place this Wednesday, December 11th. Scheduled times begin at 10am and run until 6pm. Groups include members of long-term residents, elected officials, elementary parents, secondary parents, high school students, teachers, and support staff.

An informational campaign is expected to begin in February. A copy of the bond presentation is provided. (JM)