By Jessica Mathews /

School resource officers are being reinstated for the two high schools in South Lyon.

The Lyon Township Board met virtually Wednesday night and unanimously approved agreements or assignment and use of school resource officers for South Lyon East and South Lyon High School. The Deputies to be assigned are from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Lyon Township substation. A previous position at the middle school level had to be removed due to funding issues.

Lt. Leslie Whitfield stated they’ve been working out details with the new superintendent and the same agreement was honored where they’ll pick up 50% of the deputy’s salary while he is in session. That equates to approximately $52,260. With the addition of South Lyon High School, the district will cover 100% of the cost of the deputy while school is in session, which is about nine months. That cost to the district will be around $104,520. Whitfield said it took a couple months to get everything signed and they were just waiting for the final approvals to get the deputies back in the schools. He told the board there have been a lot issues with COVID and schools possibly going back to holding classes remotely but the district was aware of that prior and agreed to honor the agreement and payments.

Multiple board members praised the program. Supervisor John Dolan said he recognizes the board has taken on more funding than other communities but thinks it’s a great program and has always stood behind it.

Trustee Sean O’Neil commented that it’s a fantastic program and the department has done a remarkable job over the past several years – noting the feedback he receives from the community is just that. O’Neil said he appreciates all of their hard work and the partnership the township has with the school district – adding he hopes the schools can find some support from other communities in the district to help defray their costs.

Trustee Lise Blades commented that it’s a phenomenal program and partnership – adding she’s always had positive experiences dealing with the deputies and seeing them at football games. She said if the district is able to get other communities to contribute toward the cost that would be great and a huge benefit to the community. Blades commented that the deputies at each high school have created solid relationships with students, teachers and administration and thinks they’re the perfect fit for both high schools. She said it’s an incredibly meaningful program she’ll continue to support.