An ongoing argument between two Livingston County men at a South Lyon thrift store resulted in police getting involved.

South Lyon Police say they were called to the Salvation Army thrift store on North Lafayette Street last Wednesday on the report of a dispute between two patrons. Upon arrival, the officer located the caller, a 57-year-old Pinckney man, in the store’s parking lot. The South Lyon Herald reports that he said another man, later identified as a 25-year-old Hartland Township resident, had been regularly swearing and making rude gestures toward him at the store when they had previously tried to purchase the same items at the same time.

The Pinckney man said that on that day the Hartland man had again made rude gestures, but this time also kicked his car. He says that when he got out, the other man placed his hand on his hip where a pocket knife was clipped and that’s when he called police. The officer then spoke to the Hartland man, who was sitting in his car with his 1½-year-old daughter. He admitted to making a kicking motion at the Pinckney man’s car, but denied making contact. He said when the Pinckney man got out of his vehicle and began walking toward him; he became concerned because his daughter was in the car. He said that’s why he put his hand on his hip where a folding knife was located, but said he never took it out or made any threat with it.

Because there was no damage to the car, and no apparent law had been broken, the officer advised both men to leave the premises and ignore each other in the future. (JK)