Crimes committed in the City of South Lyon continue to hold at a stable rate.

South Lyon Police Lieutenant Chris Sovik said the department has seen fairly consistent activity and crime numbers that he would describe as not high. There was a 4.3 increase in calls-for-service made in 2017, with nearly 14,500 being made. There were 25 adults arrested in South Lyon on felony charges last year, down from the 29 in 2016 according to the South Lyon Herald.

The big focus last year was the restriction on commercial trucks making turns downtown, at Lake Street and Lafayette. The department issued warnings for two weeks following the installation of no turn signs, but have begun to write citations to offenders, since. Sovik said that too often big trucks making turns there were stopping traffic or causing damage. GPS information has been reworked to provide new routes to drivers.

Traffic accidents dropped last year, with 200 being reported versus 218 in 2016. Arrests for drunk or drugged driving also dipped. There were 33 arrests last year for impaired driving, down from 42 in 2016, and 35 the year before. Sovik said that all-in-all they have been able to do more and meet demand with less, as they’ve still not replaced officers the department lost going back to 2008. (MK)