Jessica Mathews /

A student has been charged for allegedly writing a shooting threat on a bathroom wall at South Lyon East High School.

An Oakland County Juvenile Court Referee concluded during a hearing Thursday that there was probable cause to believe a 15-year-old sophomore made a threat that put the school into lockdown on Tuesday.

Prosecutors issued a misdemeanor charge of threatening to commit violence with a firearm, explosive or other dangerous weapon against students or staff on school property.

Referee Alexander Garthoff released the student from Children’s Village and ordered he be confined to his Wixom home. He was ordered to wear an electronic tether and is not permitted near school property. The student is also prohibited from using social media, and internet use is to be monitored by his parents.

Garthoff heard testimony from Oakland County Sheriff’s Detectives, who said the student admitted to school administrators and then to the Detectives that he had written a threat in a school bathroom. The threat claimed a person had a weapon and was going to shoot up the school. The student wrote the threat and then reported it to school administrators.

Detectives were on the scene for 10 hours. School officials have said the student is suspended and they will seek to expel him.

A pre-trial hearing is scheduled next Wednesday at 11:30am before Oakland County Circuit Judge Lisa Langton.