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Police say a student was taken into custody for making a threat at South Lyon East High School.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office says a 15-year-old sophomore at the high school was identified by detectives and school officials as the person responsible for writing and reporting a threat, which closed the school Tuesday. The student, who lives in Wixom, was ordered held in Oakland County Children’s Village by Juvenile Court Referee Karla Mallett. A hearing for the student is set for Thursday.

Sheriff Michael Bouchard offered the following statement “As I have said from the beginning, if you make a threat against a school or for that matter any institution, we will do everything in our power to hold you to account. The anxiety and the fear these threats cause is substantial – even if the threat is not credible.”

The Office says the student was taken into custody today after he met with school officials and then with Sheriff’s Detectives.

The student was said to have made incriminating statements to both school officials and Detectives, which led to his arrest.

Sheriff’s Detectives, other Deputies and a K9 unit were called to the school at approximately 8:30am Tuesday after detectives were informed that a threatening note had been written on a bathroom wall.

The school at 52200 W. Ten Mile Road in Lyon Township remained in session but locked down until students were released at around 2pm.

Detectives were on the scene for 10 hours. Detectives did not believe at the time the threat was credible although classrooms were searched to ensure no weapons were on school property.