An embattled member of the South Lyon City Council has refused a request to resign in the midst of an ongoing controversy involving another council member.

The Oakland Press reports that South Lyon Mayor Dan Pelchat asked Councilman Carl Richards to resign during a meeting Thursday afternoon, but that Richards declined to do so. The request came three days after an Oakland County Circuit Court judge issued a personal protection order against the 72-year-old Richards.

The request for the PPO came from fellow council member Mary Parisien, who told council Monday that Richards had bragged at a local business to peeping into her home, describing the interior in details and then making comments about her sexuality, insinuating she was a "topless dancer at a gay bar." Pelchat also reportedly asked Richards to make a "heartfelt" apology at the December 10th council meeting. Richards said he would read a letter of apology.

A criminal investigation by South Lyon Police concluded with no criminal charges being filed against Richards. However, the council referred the incident to the city’s Ethics Board, which meets December 6th, to determine if Richards conduct violated the city’s ethics ordinance. (JK)