By Mike Kruzman /

South Lyon City Council has extended good faith offers to a pair of property owners in hopes of obtaining needed easements through those means and not eminent domain.

The City is constructing upgrades to its sanitary sewer system which include an extension of the sewer main and improvements to the existing sewer manhole and sewer lines. A memo from City Manager Paul Zelenak to South Lyon City Council reveals that they have made a number of attempts to obtain necessary easements from property owners at the railroad crossing, but have been unsuccessful. At the recommendation of the City Attorney, the City has begun the process of obtaining the easements through eminent domain for the properties at 415 N. Lafayette, and 606 Lakewood Drive.

Councilwoman Maggie Kurtzweil noted that the City actually had an easement in part of this area a couple decades ago that for some reason never made it into the books.

The City has made Good Faith Offers based off of assessments to the property owners. The owner on N. Lafayette has been offered $9,525 for the easement, and the Lakewood Drive owner has been offered $6,210. If they are not accepted within 14 days, then a Declaration of Taking will be recorded at the Register of Deeds. Following that, a complaint will be filed with Oakland County Circuit Court.

Zelenak wrote that they remain hopeful that litigation will not become necessary, but they will seek the authority to take whatever action is necessary to obtain the easements.

Councilman Glenn Kivell recused himself from discussion on the N. Lafayette property and abstained from the vote.