Police are seeking tips from the public regarding recent vandalism at the South Lyon Cemetery.

Officers responded this morning to a malicious destruction of property complaint after cemetery workers discovered several headstones knocked over, along with damaged flower pots and statues. Police say it appears the damage occurred either late Wednesday night or early this morning at the cemetery on Stryker Street. There are no suspects at this time. South Lyon Police further request that people do not replace the headstones in the cemetery as they have to be mounted a specific way with a special adhesive. Police say they’re working to get this accomplished but it's going to take a couple days to remedy the situation. They ask that community members share the information with anyone who has been affected by the vandalism done to the South Lyon Cemetery. Lt. Douglas Baaki tells WHMI they are trying to get an accurate assessment of the total damage and the headstones need to be properly affixed to the base, adding they also don’t want anyone to get hurt replacing the heavy stones.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact South Lyon Police at 248-437-1773. Photo: www.usgwarchives.net. (JM)