By Mike Kruzman /

South Lyon City Council has approved an emergency pump that recently failed.

Douglas Varney, Director of Utilities and the Department of Public Works in South Lyon, was before Council with the request, last week. Varney said that the explosion proof submersible pump for the lift station at Trotter’s Point recently failed over the holidays. The pump was pulled down and replaced so it could be sent in to Detroit Pump for a tear down and analysis. With no spare left, now, if there were another failure at the station, Varney said the City would have to rent one at a substantial cost. Detroit Pump does have one available to purchase, which is what he was asking for in his request.

Councilmember Stephen Kennedy light-heartedly confirmed the importance of this pump with Varney, saying with it being one of kind, with up it they would be up a creek.

The pump comes at cost of $17,127, not including the freight charge. Kennedy made two motions on the purchase request. The first was to waive a requirement within the South Lyon Code of Ordinances that the product go to bid because “no advantage to the city will result from competitive bidding.” The second was to approve the pump purchase. City Council unanimously approved both motions.