Amendments to the City of South Lyon’s fireworks ordinance will narrow the days and times during which fireworks can be discharged.

The Michigan Legislature approved three tie-barred bills in December that affected how the state and local communities regulate the use of fireworks. Among that legislation is house bill 5940, which gave eligible municipalities the power to restrict when a person may ignite, discharge or use consumer fireworks, with those permitted days being limited to around New Year’s Eve, July 4th, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The state’s amendments to the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act prompted discussion and action by South Lyon’s City Council to make changes to the municipality’s ordinance. A second reading of the new ordinance was held at a city council meeting Monday and the ordinance was approved six to one with Councilman Carl Richards as the only councilmember in opposition.

The amendments call for limiting firework use to December 31st until 1am on January 1st, the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding Memorial Day, June 29th to July 4th, July 5th if that day is a Friday or a Saturday, and the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding Labor Day. Anyone found in violation of the ordinance faces a civil fine of $1,000.

The original ordinance allowed firework use on the day before, day of and day after national holidays. City Manager Paul Zelenak told WHMI that meant there were 23 days of the year for which fireworks were permitted.

The amendments only speak to firework use. City Attorney Tim Wilhelm told councilmembers that the sale of fireworks is still state-regulated. He did however note that after this coming Fourth of July, local communities will be allowed to regulate temporary fireworks tents. Wilhelm says officials will be working with the city’s Planning, Fire and Police departments to determine what they’d like to do regarding those uses. (DK)