A gathering later this week will combine a quick and easy meal with a chance to jump-start some local ideas and turn them into reality.

Hartland SOUP, set for 6:30pm on Thursday, July 19th, is a small-scale crowdfunding initiative according to Hartland Cromaine District Library Director Ceci Marlow. "People bring proposals and buy a $5 ticket. You get soup and bread and dessert and then you vote on which proposal gets the money. And all the $5 tickets are the pot that the winning proposal gets. And that's going to be held at the new Settler's Pavilion at the Hartland Township Settler's Park on Clark Road."

Marlow says ideas were previously submitted online and can include everything from starting a new community service to beautifying a roadside or an area park. You can get details about Thursday’s Hartland SOUP gathering through the link below. (JK)